Unable To Write Right Now

Hey everyone, how are you? Right now I do not have the ability to do any writing, as my main focus is to look after my relative who is unwell. Priorities Right now writing is not very high on the list of priorities. As my mind is drawn to other things such as my unwell... Continue Reading →

Hospital Again

Hey everyone, how are you? This week has been one wild ride so far and I don’t think it is going to stop soon. HealthI know I have said it once already this week, that your health is so important. I can’t reiterate that enough. As I have watched I love one go to hospital... Continue Reading →

Sudden Turn Of Events

Hey everyone, how are you? I was going to blog about something different, but things have changed and they are up in the air. HealthI can’t put into words how important your health is both your physical and mental health. And in the last couple of weeks this has been brought home to me lately.... Continue Reading →

Busy Week

Hey everyone, how are you? After being unwell for most of last week, lots of things have piled up and I am drowning in paper. Today I need to focus and catch up on the projects that I have on the go at the moment. Being unwell last week has put me back a bit,... Continue Reading →

Hospital Admission

Hey everyone, how are you? I have not been able to blog for the last few days as I have felt really unwell. HealthOn Monday I had the first dose of the coronavirus vaccination. And whilst I expected some symptoms of a reaction, I did not expect to end up in hospital. I didn’t feel... Continue Reading →

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