Easter Day

Hey everyone, how are you?

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy easter. Hope everyone is having a good day, whatever you are up to. I’ve been at home with mum having a good day eating and drinking.

Still ill…

I’m still ill with a second dose of flu. I was in bed this morning resting. I couldn’t sleep last night so stayed in this morning. I also watched some TV and playing some playstation. But at the end it gave me a headache so I just slept.

It has been three months since I stopped smoking. As a incentive for me to keep going mum promised to get me something. She got me the complete box set of House M.D. I love the TV series and have been looking at the a TV series for a while now, so was very happy and grateful that she got it for me. I can’t wait to sit and watch them all.

The rest of the day I haven’t been up to much, except reading and spending time with mum. I will get back to writing tomorrow and get back on a regular schedule.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good weekend.


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