Flying today

Hey everyone, how are you?

Today I am flying to Germany to spend a few days in Berlin. I’m also going to be seeing a good friend.


We have a flight in the morning so are being picked up early. It is going to be an awesome few days and I have been looking forward to it for a while now. I am slightly nervous as it has been a while since I last flew. But I’m sure that it is going to be fine. I am taking a couple of books with me and will be hoping to get through them.

I managed to get some things done yesterday, such as proofreading a piece for a friend and getting some shopping done. But I still get overwhelmed by the amount that I still had to do. But I am going to not think about it until I come back from Germany. As packing and getting to the airport are the priorities at the moment. Everything else, that is Christmas related can wait. That being said we are going to the markets in Germany on Friday.

We arrive in Germany in the afternoon and will go to the hotel. I don’t know what we will do afterwards. I think that we are playing it by ear. I will get in contact with my friend, and see what she is up to. She knows that we are coming so are definitely going to meet up at some stage. I will write about my travels and keep a kind of diary. As well as blogging about the trip.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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