Planning story

Hey everyone, how are you?

Yesterday I started planning out the new short story. So, today, I am going to get started with the first chapter.


Yesterday, was a very busy day. Getting things posted and written. As well as getting the Christmas tree up. But during the day I had time to get the planning done for the new short story. It is one that I thought of on the plane back from Berlin, and I am going to be starting the first chapter today. The plan is a simple one, just highlighting what is going to be happening in each chapter. But at least I know where I am going with it. It is something that I found I needed to do when writing my previous short story “Inner War.”

Although, it has to be said that I am not great with plans or timetables; never have been. I always deviate. So, I am going to say that it is a loose plan and if I move from it, then that is okay.


As I got a lot of other things done yesterday, today, I can focus more on the writing. Rather than trying to squeeze it in, around all the other things that I was doing. I want to try and draft the first chapter, so that I can get it online as soon as possible. This does not mean that it is going to be a rush job. I am still going to write it out by hand a couple of times, then edit and type up. As a rough guide I am going to say that I want the first chapter online by Christmas.

The only other major thing that I can think of that I need to do today is some drum practice. I didn’t do any yesterday. And it stopped my every day of the week run streak. But I am going to do a double practice session to make up for it. It is something that I usually do in the morning, and it has become more of a routine. I am trying to make a routine for my writing as well, so that I can have a higher output of material. Although I have appointments in the afternoon during the week. I am wanting to get into a frame of mind where I am writing the days that I don’t have to be out. It’s all about not procrastinating.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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