Not meeting writing deadline

Hey everyone, how are you?

I have been writing a little over the last few days. However, I need to take a break and sort myself out.


Throughout the week I have been battling a depressive downer. And have a urgent appointment at the doctors later today. Writing during this time had been hard and although I have done some. I am not going to be able to meet the Christmas deadline. I am frankly, not writing fast enough. I also need to take some time out to look after myself. I am going to have a few days where I just do whatever I can to distract myself.

The best distractions for me are:

  • Music.
  • PlayStation.
  • Reading.
  • Sleep.
  • Being with the cat.
  • Friends/family.
  • Drums.

I have been reading more, in order to distract myself. I am over half way through the current book that I am reading. I hope to get it finished over the next few days. And start another fiction book. I have so many that I need to read. I have a massive pile of books that are yet to be read at the end of my bed.

I aim to get back to writing on Christmas Eve. I am seeing some friend over the weekend and it will be a good. They always cheer me up and I will get cuddles with my niece. Which will definitely cheer me.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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