Restful Saturday

Hey everyone, how are you?

The week has been busy with everything. So, I am making sure that this weekend is restful.


Yesterday I spent most of the day at home, and hung out with some friends. Playing the PlayStation VR and just freaking out at how good it is. I also managed to get some reading done in the morning, and am getting close to half way through the book. I did a little writing, although not as much as I had hoped. But I am planning on getting some more done today. In the evening, we went out to the theatre to see the Rocky Horror Picture show. As I am writing this, we are yet to see it. But I am hoping that it is a good production.

Today, I am planning on having a restful day, where I can get some drumming and writing done. I have planned a drum lesson for next Friday, so that will be good. I have been practicing most days, so, am hoping that it will show. I want to do some writing and make up for the little that I did yesterday. One way or another the week has been busy, so I am also going to relax. The main thing that I will be doing to relax is reading.

There is a chance that a friend is coming over at some point. I am not sure when, if at all. It will be cool to see her and it will be a laugh. Laughing is a good way to relax as well. So, it should be good.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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