Hey everyone, how are you?

I’ve been sent home, as I went in to the university. The person, that I am working with took one look at me and sent me home.

Back home

I had to get the bus home, but did stop in the city centre to pick up some books. I thought that it would be good to get some more books to read. One of them is by Chuck Palahniuk, one of my favourite authors. And the other is by an author I’ve not read before. It looked interesting so I decided to get it. It is good to be back home and in bed resting. I do have some things to do at home though. Mainly the stuff that I was meant to do at the university.

But now that I am at home I am going to sleep first. This is before getting on with any tasks that need to be done. I think that the only way to get rid of this virus that I have is to sleep. It is more than a regular cold, and because I have asthma, it can complicate things. I did sleep last night but was woken up way too early.

After my sleep I will be getting on with some drum practice and writing. The drum practice should go well, I am not going to push it too hard and just focus on stick technique. This is instead of speed. Writing wise I will start what I was meant to do today and then get on with my own personal tasks. Such as the writing of the short story and my mental health story. I’m not expecting everything to be done today, it is not possible. But I want to make a start at least.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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