Will write if…

Hey everyone, how are you?

Today I will be writing if I do not end up down the doctors with a chest infection. I currently have all the symptoms.


Today, will be a day of trying to get through to my doctor or any doctor at the surgery, as I have all the symptoms of a chest infection. I’ve had them before and worse, as I’ve had pneumonia in the past. When I’ve got through and have seen or at least spoken to the doctor I will get on with some writing. I have the stuff that I was meant to do yesterday to get on with. As I spent the bulk of yesterday sleeping and watching television; just trying to rest.

I want to get on with the tasks that I was set yesterday and get it done and emailed off. I think that it will take up most of the day. As there is a lot of things to read. And I need to plan stuff out. If I get the chance I will get some writing done on the short story and maybe the novel. It will all depend on time and whether I have to go out to the doctors.

I want to also get some drum practice in as well. I have been practicing on and off and am trying to book a lesson. The practice is still focused on the rudiments and the exercises out of the Buddy Rich snare drum books. I need to use the metronome to get my speed up, but at the moment it not at the top of my priority list. Even though I know that my drum teacher will disagree.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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