Morning reading


Hey everyone, how are you?

This morning, I have been reading, and managed to get through one book. Whilst I was watching some video game streaming on Twitch.

Reading and writing

I decided to read “The Truth Pixie” by Matt Haig. It is a childrens book, which is why it only took half an hour maximum, to read. It had been a book that I meant to read a while ago, and have wanted to read it since its release date. It is a good book, and has a good message for the children who read it. And I know that the author has got a lot of positive feedback from it. I liked the book and how it is layed out with the illustratons. I have never thought about writing a childrens book, but I will not rule it out. I am still reading the supervet book, “Listening to the Animals” and “Beautiful You” by Chuck Palahniuk. I am hoping to finish at least one of them over the weekend.

This afternoon, I am going to be typing up the first chapter of the new short story. I have done the edit and am looking forard to uploading the new piece. I am going to schedule it to upload early tomorrow morning. Typing it up is not going to take long, and it will be something that I can do before going out. Otherwise, it is going to be tight getting it online for the early morning. It is one of the things that I need to do, along with the writing for the stuff that I am doing at the university. That needs to be done for Monday, so at least I have some time tomorrow as well to get it written.

This evening, I am going to be out at a party. It is a friends daughters eighteenth birthday party. And I will be there for the entire eveing and early morning. It should be a good party. But it does mean that tomorrow I am going to be very tired, and that might limit my productivity. Making it extra important that I get a lot of the stuff I need to do, done today.

Thank you for reading, and I hope that you have a good day.


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