Mysterious Disappearance chapter 1

Hey everyone, how are you?

As promised, here is the first chapter of my new short story. It’s called “Mysterious Disappearance.”

Chapter 1

Izzy handed over her passport, staring blankly into the distance of passport control. The flight to Berlin had been smooth, Izzy looked forward to a couple of days away. Life had been stressful back at home. She’d constantly had the feeling that she was being watched and followed everywhere she went. Even in a busy city such as London, where many people have come to disappear. Izzy would walk through her tiny house in East London, with the feeling that someone had been through her things. But she could not prove it. And the few friends that she had dared to tell, just said that she was being paranoid. But she knew that even though it sounded crazy, she was not being paranoid. People were following her, and for the life of her she did not know why. Izzy was still standing at passport control, for what felt like a decade, but in reality, had only been a matter of moments. Her passport was being thoroughly examined. Eventually, there was a hint of a smile and a mumble of: “Welcome to Berlin.” Izzy took her passport and moved away to the baggage claim. She had been in such a rush to pack that she really did not know what she had bought with her. Izzy prayed that she did not get stopped by customs.

Flagging down a taxi outside of the small airport there was movement to the side of her. Izzy thought she saw something in her peripheral vision. But when she turned to see if anyone was watching her, there was nothing there. Just an old bag trolley that someone had left. Getting into the taxi Izzy’s anxiety rose, as it dawned on her that she did not have her bearings to this new city. And that she had to completely trust the driver to get her to the cheap hotel she was staying at. It was only when she could see the light of the hotel come into the view that she allows herself to start to relax. Although, it was not until she was checked in and, in her room, that she finally allowed herself to fully calm down and start to unwind. Laying on her bed with a bottle of beer from the mini fridge she texts her friend Rosie.

Rosie was asleep when the text message from Izzy came through on her phone. Her bed was surrounded by a laptop and a number of papers. Deadlines sucked. Especially when they are for a boss you do not like. But it was a job, and it paid the bills which allowed her to live in a city that she loved. The buzzing of the phone woke Rosie up, as she squinted at the message on the screen:

“I’m in Berlin, coffee tomorrow?”

Rosie was stunned and surprised at the text. She had to go to work tomorrow, but coffee with her best friend was more important and worth pulling a sickie for. Furiously, Rosie texts back:

“What are you doing here? Coffee sounds great, call me in the morning.” Smiling, Rosie fell back to sleep.

Back in the hotel, Izzy was glad that Rosie was able to text back so quickly. Putting the empty bottle of beer on the bedside table, Izzy got up to lock the room door. The windows could not be opened so she felt safe that no one could get in during the night. Tired from the flight Izzy got into bed and instantly fell asleep.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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