Short story

Hey everyone, how are you?

Today is all about the short story. And getting the third chapter finished, edited and online tomorrow.


I got a good amount of writing done yesterday, but not enough to finish the third chapter, like I had planned. I was having to do other writing as well, such as my mental health writing. I also did get distracted by the rugby as well. I ended up watching both matches that were on. But I was productive during the afternoon. I also started my new online course, and got a bit of writing for that done as well. So, I did a lot of little bits.

Today, the short story is the priority. As I want to get it online on Monday. So, it needs to be drafted, edited and typed up. All in one day. It is not ideal, but it is what I have ended up with. So, will just have to deal with it. The short story is coming along well and I am happy with it. I think it really helped when I went to the creative writing group. As that is when I had a turning point, in how the chapter was going to go.

Also today, I want to read some more. I am trying to get some reading done each day. Even if it is only a couple of pages. Yesterday, I read a couple more of the short stories in the Chuck Palahniuk book. And I want to read a couple more today. I will be in all day so have plenty of time to get everything done. As I am having to wait in for a couple of deliveries. Overall, I am hopeful that today will be a good productive day of writing.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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