Mysterious Disappearence


Hey everyone, how are you?

Here is the third chapter of the short story “Mysterious Disapperance.” Constructive feedback is always welcome.

Chapter 3

  Izzy was disorientated, she knew that she was in a car, but did not know where she was being taken. Izzy tried kicking the back of the front seat. The car stopped. One of the men in the front seat turned around with a hammer in his hand. He raised the hammer and smashed it down on Izzy’s leg. Izzy screamed. The sound muffled against tape pressed against her mouth. Tears were streaming from her eyes, as she tried to move her shattered leg. The car started up and started moving again. Izzy blacked out from the pain.

  When Izzy woke up, she was in a small dark room consisting of only a chair and a thin mattress on the floor. There were no windows, the light was on, but the switch was on the other side of the door. Izzy tried to stand, forgetting about her shattered leg; and instantly fell when she put weight on it. Crawling to the door, Izzy banged on it, shouting:

“Let me out, let me out.”

There was no response. Izzy did not know if there was anyone in the rest of the building, or if she was completely alone. A hissing sound came filled room, coming from a vent near the ceiling that Izzy had not noticed before. Suddenly, Izzy became drowsy, crawling back to the mattress; before passing out.


  When Izzy woke again, she realised that she had not been dreaming. That she was in a small cell. The only difference is that some food had been put inside. Although the food was cold and stale, Izzy was hungry, she ate quickly. Izzy was confused as to why she had been taken from the plane. All she could think of, was not being able to contact Rosie like as she had promised.


  Back in Berlin, Rosie was starting to worry. She had not heard from Izzy since she text saying that she was on the plane. Rosie knew that the flight would have landed by now. And it would not have taken this long to get through immigration and customs. Rosie had called Izzy’s phone a couple of times, but it had gone straight to voice mail. So, Rosie sent a text asking Izzy to call her. But so far, no phone call had happened.

  Rosie had trouble sleeping that night, worried that something had happened to Izzy. At about three in the morning she had managed to drift off to sleep. Waking up a few hours later. For a moment Rosie was relieved, until she saw that the text was not from Izzy, but from her boss informing Rosie that if she did not come into work today, she was fired. Reluctantly, Rosie got up to go to work. Calling Izzy’s phone. It went to voice mail again, this time she decided to leave a message:

“Izzy, its Rosie. Call me back when you get this.”


  Back in the undisclosed location in the UK. Izzy was still being kept in a small cell. With no idea how worried Rosie was over not being able to get in contact with her. Izzy was curled up om the single mattress. When two men entered the cell. picking her up and dragging her out of the cell and into another room:

“What are you going to do to me?”

“Shut up.” One of the men replied.

They pushed Izzy into the new room. It was bigger than the cell, like an interview room she had seen on the numerous crime dramas she had watched. Izzy wondered if this was some sort of disused police station.

  Izzy was pushed down onto a seat, her hands cuffed to the arms of the chair. The two men were joined by a third. Who was clearly the boss of the other two. Sitting opposite Izzy he smiled and asked:

“We don’t mean to keep you here. You can go after you’ve answered one question. Where is Mark?”

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