Writing today

Hey everyone, how are you?

Today I have the time to sit and write. So, that is going to be my aim for the day.


After a busy week, I have not been able to get much writing done on the fourth chapter of the short story. So, today, I am aiming to get a good amount of writing done. I will draft out the chapter by hand first and then edit before typing up. I know that it is unlikely that I will get it all done in one day. But I want to make a good dent in it, and then get it finished on Sunday. This is so I can get the chapter up online at the start of the next week. I am looking forward to getting some writing done today. As I have been thinking about the chapter throughout the week. And it has been frustrating not to be able to write.

I am also taking some time over the weekend to rest from the week as well. Yesterday, was a bad day and I am hoping that the weekend will be better. So, as well as writing, I want to get some reading done on both the fiction and non-fiction books that I am reading. Reading is one of the things that I do when I am low, and it does seem to help. I find that I am able to transfer myself into the world of the book that I am reading. And it helps to clear my mind of what is going on inside my head.

I also want to do some gaming as well. For similar reasons. I will probably watch a stream on twitch in the morning. There is a streamer that I am subscribed to, and the chat is usually really good as well. And it has become part of my routine to watch when they stream. Gaming wise I want to play some more of Persona 5. And Life is Strange 2. If I have not finished the latest episode. But I will make sure that I have time to write, and not waste the day.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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