Mysterious Disapperance Chapter 4


Hey everyone, how are you?

Here is the fourth and final chapter of the short story “Mysterious Disapperance.” I did think that it was going to be five chapters, but I’ve managed to get it into four instead.

Chapter 4

Over in Mexico, Mark was in hiding. Living in a remote building, squatting on someone’s land. Mark was in hiding from the government agency that he once worked for, mark had flown out on a single ticket and a fake passport. But that did not stop the paranoid thoughts that anyone and everyone he encountered were reporting back his location. Mark had stockpiled guns, ammunition and explosives; ready for a fight. He’d rather die than go back to the United Kingdom and face the charges against him. Mark had done and seen some unspeakable things in the name of national security. But now, with a new government in power, a light had been shed on the agency he worked for, and the crimes they had committed. There had been a huge public out cry of disgust. And the government had vowed to bring every employee to justice.

It was at that time Mark had decided to leave. The last thing he wanted was to share a prison cell with those he’d helped to put convict. Although many people who he had interrogated had ended up in unmarked graves. Dying instead of giving up their terrorist links. Mark had flown to Mexico and lived like a recluse. Going out as little as possible, living off the money he’d stolen from the agency. Mark tried not to think about his old life. The girlfriend he had, who believed he was just an officer worker in the city. Never realising that his business trips away were covert missions. Mark had prayed the agency hadn’t gone after Izzy, as she really did not know anything about his secret life. But he also knew, that they would have. Once you crossed the agency, they’d do anything to find you.

Mark heard a knock at the door of the abandoned building, paranoid thoughts went through his head, as his hand reached for the gun lying next to him. There was another louder knock at the door, but Mark remained silent. Mark looked out of the window, he could see police surrounding the building. Armed police. Mark hid, not sure if they had seen him or not. As he hid the sound of the door crashing off it hinges echoed around the building. Police stormed through the house, shouting for him to come out of his hiding place.

Knowing that there was no point in hiding, Mark moved from his hiding place, into full view of the police officers. Mark had one gun pointed at them and the other at his temple:

“Don’t move, or I’ll shoot.”

The police stayed still, pointing their guns at Mark. They shouted at Mark in Spanish, although Mark did not understand what they were saying. Mark continued to point the gun at them, and one at his own head. There was a sound of a person moving in the building behind Mark. Mark turned and fired, the bullet going straight through the head of the policeman behind him. As he fired another shot echoed, as a bullet hit Mark straight in the chest, hitting his heart. Mark was dead before he hit the floor.


Back in the United Kingdom, Izzy was still sat handcuffed to the chair. Three men opposite her asking about her ex-boyfriend. She could not answer their questions, she simply did not know the answers. Mark had dumped her and then just vanished. Izzy had not been able to get in contact with him by any means of communication. Izzy stared at the ground, as she tried to tell her jailers this. One of the men briefly exited the room, answering his phone. He was out merely moments before coming back in and whispering in the third mans ear. The third man smiled, turning to Izzy:

“It seems that Mark has been found.”

“So, does that mean I can go?”

“Oh no, I never said that you could go, at least alive.” He said as one of the men smiled aiming his gun, pointing at Izzy and fired once. As he fired, in Germany, Rosie had a strange feeling come over her. She knew that Izzy was no longer alive.

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