Didn’t go

Hey everyone, how are you?

I ended up not going to the creative writing group. It wasn’t an easy decision to make, but I was just too tired.


Yesterday, I wanted to go to the creative writing group. But after a hard session with my lead practitioner, I just did not have the energy to spend two hours in a group. I feel as though I could snap and have a go. And not only would that have got me in trouble with the staff, it wouldn’t be fair on the other people in the group. So, I decided not to go. Instead I came home to rest and try and recharge. I watched a bit of television, and had something to eat. As I knew that one of the reasons that I was so stressed out was because I had skipped lunch and was hungry. It is basic self-care. However, I am going to be doing some writing over the weekend to try and make up for not writing yesterday.

Today, I maybe going to the art group. I have not decided yet. I will decide at lunchtime, when I know if I am rested enough. This morning I am just going to focus on chilling. Getting some reading done and some gaming, along with some drum practice. All of these things help me to use up some of the excess energy that I have that manifests itself in anxiety. It is a good release, especially drumming. It is a good creative outlet. I am going to be hopefully sleeping in the night when this blog goes live. I am going to take some sleeping tablets, as it is has been three days since I last had a decent night sleep. I know that the sleeping tablets are going to make me dopey during the morning, and that is another reason why I am not going to do much in the morning.

I want to get some writing done over the weekend. It is part of my plan for the weekend. I will be writing some poetry and maybe some prose. Just some character sketches and scene settings. Just to keep my hand in. I also need to catch up on my online course as well. I want to do that over the weekend as well. I am really thankful that this week is coming to an end. It has been busy, and even though I like busy, it can be hard when you haven’t slept.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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