Told to rest

Hey everyone, how are you?

Today I have been told to rest. This is on account that my mental health is bad at the moment.


So, today, I am spending the day at home, as my mental health is bad, and I had, until last night, not been sleeping. I only slept last night because I took some sleeping tablets prescribed to me by a doctor. For these these kind of times. I am spending the day resting, mostly watching television and reading. I am almost finished with “On the Come Up” it is a good book and one that I would recommend. I have got a couple more fiction books to read, and a non-fiction to finish. So, I may just spend a lot of time reading. I am a little sleepy because of a side effect of the sleeping tablets.

I don’t think any writing is going to be done today. But I may do some art work, as I am missing the art group today. But I have an idea for something that I want to draw and the medium that I want to use, so I may, at least, get it started. I was aiming to go to the art group, but I’m still in a bad place so it would not be a good idea. I also won’t be getting any of my online course done today either. As it is on anxiety, depression and CBT; and I am just not in the right place to do any today. I am going to save it for the weekend, where hopefully, I will be feeling better.

I may also play some PlayStation today. As I am jus doing things that will help distract me from what is going on inside my head. I have pre ordered a game that I am looking forward to coming out. So, I should get it on the day of release. It’s not until the end of next month though. If I do play some PlayStation then I will probably play the Persona 5 game, as it is what is in the machine, and I want to get my hours of game play up. This morning, I watched a stream on twitch, which was fun. It was a stream of a game that I have not played, so it was interesting to watch the game through. I don’t think I will get the game though. Overall, I am just wanting this day to go by quickly, and for me to get out of this depressive downer that I am in.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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