Another day

Hey everyone, how are you?

Today I am going to be attempting to do more. As I hope that I am feeling slightly better.


I’m hoping that I got a decent night sleep and that things are better with my mental health today. As I want to be able to do more, than I was able to do yesterday. Yesterday, I felt unable to do much, except reading and watching television. I did not have the concentration to sit at my desk and get any writing done, or any of my online course. It was a rather uninspiring day. I know that I need to take care of myself but there is a part of me that is getting bored of not being able to do anything.

So, I want to get some small pieces of writing done. And some more of my online course. They are my aims for the day and even if I get a little done then I will be happy. I also want to read some more of the books that I’m reading. Both the fiction and the non-fiction. Both of the books are well written and a good read. Both of them I’d recommend. I also need to get some drum practice in. I’m hoping that it will help with my mental health as it allows me to channel my energy into something that is not self destructive.

Although I want to do more, I am still going to take things easy. I know that I am not back to full strength. I am going to play some video games and watch the football as well as do the other things that I have mentioned. They are things that help to distract me with my mental health. I also enjoy them. Resting is also key for the day as I have a busy week coming up. With a range of different appointments.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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