Writing weekend

Hey everyone, how are you?

This weekend is a writing weekend. Where I get to catch up on all the things that I was not able to do in the week.


Today, I am going to be writing some character sketches and scene settings. This morning though, I am going to get up slowly, as I want to watch a stream on twitch, and get some gaming in before I start writing. I think that the stream starts earlier on the weekend, but that is fine, as it will give me more of the morning to game. I am going to be playing Yakuza 6. Which is the game that I started yesterday and I want to get more of it played today. I am going to get as many trophies as possible. I have looked up the trophy guide on the internet.

I also want to get some reading done, as well as some writing. I believe in the words of Stephen King, where he said that you cannot be a writer if you are not a reader. Plus, I did not take my book with me when I went out yesterday, so, I did not get any reading done. I do believe that reading helps with my writing. And it is the reason why I read such a range of topics, both fiction and non-fiction. Along with writing character sketches and scene settings, I want to write some poetry and maybe start considering a new short story.

Two other things that I am going to be doing today is watching the rugby. And getting in some drum practice. It is the six nations rugby tournament, and England are playing Wales today. So, it is a definite game to watch. Drumming is one of the things that I was unable to do in the week. As there was just not enough time. So, I want to get in a proper practice session. With some 4/4 beats, rudiments and reading exercises. I want to work on my stick technique and upping my tempo. It should be a good day.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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