A day at home

Hey everyone, how are you?

Today I am mostly at home, until the evening. So, I am going to be getting some writing done.


Today is going to be like yesterday, in that, it is going to be an early start. This is for the same reason, that I am going to be watching a stream on twitch. It starts at 2am and will go on for a few hours. Yesterday, it was a four hour stream, but the time went really fast. I will also be spending the morning catching up on a bit of sleep and doing some of my own gaming. I played yesterday, before I went to the meeting. I don’t know which game I will play, as there is so many that I have to choose from.

The meeting went well yesterday. And we got a lot of things covered for next week. I have some stuff to do at home, and I will get it done over the week. I also want to get on with some writing. I’ve got the itch to do another short story. I know that I need to update the website to include the full version of the last one. That I will try and do today. But I also want to continue with some character sketches and scene settings. As well as trying to write some poetry. The problem is, that, I don’t know if my head is in the right space at the moment.

Some of the other things that I need to do today, are my online course and some drum practice. I didn’t do the course yesterday, so I must get on with it today. I think because I did some over the weekend that I wanted a break from it for a day. Drum practice wise, it will be hand patterns only. As I’ve messed up my knee and it is really painful. I am taking pain relief but it’s not touching it. But I will still have a lot to practice with the rudiments and the reading exercises.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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