Hey everyone, how are you?

Today, specifically this morning, I am going to try and get some writing done. Before I have to go out for the afternoon.


I want to get some writing done, as it feels like ages since I did any. I’ve been to the creative writing group and stuff but, I have not done anything towards a short story. I have been thinking about a short story and I have a few ideas floating about. But only time will tell when I will get to do another one. As life is kind of busy and I have not been in the best place to focus on story lately. I also know that I need to put the most recent short story on the prose section of the website. I keep meaning to do it, but I just have not had the time.

Also this morning, I am going to try and get some more reading done. As I am trying to still read everyday. Even though I am struggling with reading at the moment. I am hoping that by reading everyday I will not only get the book finished but it may help improve my level of concentration. I want to get past only being able to read a couple of pages a time. There are also times when I cannot even pick the book up. So, it is something that I want to change.

I also want to spend the morning sticking to my usual routine of watching a stream on twitch. I think what I will do is have my writing journal by me so that I can write down any ideas whilst I am watching the stream. As I have a busy afternoon and I want to rest as much as possible before having to go out. I am not sure if I am going to the creative writing group, as I have realised that there is other things that I need to do. And I do not want to be too late home. I will have a think and decide what I am doing this morning.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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