Chilled day after a busy week

Hey everyone, how are you?

After a busy week I am glad that it is the weekend. And I plan to spend the day chilling and relaxing.


Today is a chill day as I have had a busy week. Yesterday was particularly busy and I had not had the best of nights sleep, so was feeling it in the evening. Today I want to achieve somethings but I also just want to chill. I want to read and hopefully finish the book that I am reading. I am just over half way through and think that it should be easy enough to finish. Reading is one of the things that does relax me and allows me to jump into a completely new world different from my own. I find that time just vanishes and I can read for hours.

Alongside reading I want to do some writing. I want to write some poetry and start the planning of a new short story that I have been brewing in my head. I can’t wait to start getting it down on paper. I also will be changing up the website so that the prose section is complete and updated. I love to write and I want to get the characters right for the short story. It maybe a week or so until I start writing the first draft properly. But I know that it is going to be good. Poetry wise, there are a couple of pieces that I have been thinking about writing. I don’t know if they will be done today or tomorrow, but I definitely want to start drafting.

I also want to get in some more drum practice and watch the rugby. I may combine them both, as I will only be using a practice pad rather than a full drum kit. I am going to be practicing my rudiments and reading exercises. If it goes well then I may throw in some metronome work as well.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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