Hey everyone, how are you

This afternoon is going to be all about the drums. And I am looking forward to it.


It is a drumming afternoon for me today. As I am going to be at a friends place having a lesson and a drum jam. I’m stoked to be seeing my friends and getting in some drumming at the same time. I have been practicing and I hope that it shows. I have been taking advice from drummer Eddie Thrower about how to practice using heavier sticks than the ones you normally play with. I tried it out in my last two practice sessions and what he is saying works. I also noticed that it was helping, not only with stick technique, but also in strengthening my hands and wrists.

The practicing has been going well, and I will got a practice session in this morning. It was a good session and I feel totally prepared for the lesson. I have been practicing my rudiments and reading exercises. I have been using the Buddy Rich snare drum book. As it has great exercises and breaks everything down into really simple terms. I have used the book for years and couldn’t recommend it enough. I have also been practicing my beats and fills as well. The only problem is that I only practice on practice pads and it can be limiting to what you can do. Although I am going to look into getting a range of pads that can be built up like a normal drum kit.


Before I go to my drum lesson, this afternoon I have to go into the city centre and get an eye test done. I have been getting tension headaches and migraines and I want to check to see if it is my glasses, that may need changing. If not then it will be completely tension related and I will have to work on reducing stress so I don’t get so tense. The appointment should only be around half an hour, so I may have to stay in the city centre before travelling out to my lesson. I don’t know if I am going to get any writing done today. But I will try, as there’s things that I need to get done.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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