Second eye test

Hey everyone, how are you?

Today I will be having my second eye test. And I am kind of anxious about it.

Eye test

I’m having a second eye test as the first one was deemed to be inconclusive. This time they are going to have to put drops in to paralyse my eyes. This is the thing that is making me anxious. I don’t like the idea of it, but apparently I had it before when I was a child and had to go to the eye hospital. And I know that it will be alright, it just seems kind of scary to have your eyes paralysed. I’m also not looking forward to the potential side effects that I could have. They include:

Visual distortion.

Light sensitivity.

Slurred speech.

It’s basically going to be like I am drunk when I’m leaving. Even though I will be completely sober.

My mum is coming with me as it is advised that I don’t come on my own or take public transport. So, I that will be nice, and I know that the optometrist is qualified to do this. But it doesn’t make the anxiety go away. I’m hoping that the test will show conclusively that I need new glasses and that it will help with the headaches and migraines that I have been getting. But I also need to be prepared for if it doesn’t. As it will mean going back to the doctor and trying other options to get rid of them.

Afterwards I think that I am just going to stay in a dark room and wait for the effects to wear off. I will probably sleep a lot and just try to not look at screens too much. I have not got anything else planned for the day, so this should be easy to do. I’m hoping that it will not interfere too much with my weekend as there are things that I have to get done.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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