More daunting than expected

Hey everyone, how are you?

I have been sorting out my PhD application, and it is more daunting than I initially thought. But I am getting on with it.


I am getting through the application, it is all online and I have until just before midnight to send it off. I have to write a personal statement. I haven’t done that since I applied for my undergraduate university. As I don’t think my masters university wanted one. I maybe wrong it was a few years ago. I just seems very real now that I have sat down and started the process. I know that the worst they can do is say no. But it is just nerve wracking to think that people are going to be judging me and deciding my fate. I am going to be finishing off the application today. And will be keeping my fingers crossed for an interview.

Besides doing the PhD application I have been watching the six nations rugby and the FA Cup match that were on. I usually have the television on for background noise. It was also a good distraction for my nerves though. I have also been writing some poetry, and hope to have something up this week. And will be starting the short story as soon as the PhD application is done. But as I’ve mentioned I am having to draft a personal statement. It is only two hundred words. But they have to be good two hundred words.

Today I am also going to be reading some more. I have got further into the current fiction book that I have been reading. And am getting more into it and the characters. It is a long book and I am hoping to get a quarter through by the end of today. I may also be doing a game of thrones marathon of the latest season. As I am yet to have watched it. I also need to get in some drum practice and get on with my homework for STEPPS. So it is going to be a busy day.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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