Out this afternoon

Hey everyone, how are you?

This afternoon I am out for the bulk of time. Meaning that I am not going to be able to get any writing done during this time.


This morning, I have been writing and drumming. I have been working on scenes for the short story. As I am trying to get my head around the way things are going to happen. I am changing the short story and not getting on with the original idea. Even though I was stoked with it at the time. Sometimes things just don’t work out and you have to let it go. I have also been drumming. I have been practicing my rudiments and reading exercises. As well as practicing some new stuff that I found in a drum magazine. I did this yesterday as well and it went well.

This afternoon I am out for a while as I am doing a mental health course. The course is going well and I am looking forward to this weeks course. I will not be able to check my phone until the break as all phones have to be on silent. The course is two hours long. I know that the course can make me tired as it can be intense for a range of reasons. But I know that it will be beneficial for me.

This evening I am just going to chill and read. I didn’t do as much reading as I had hoped yesterday. So, I want to make up the difference. I may also get in some gaming, but I am not sure at the moment. I am tied today as I went to bed late last night.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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