Hey everyone, how are you?

We are currently waiting to go to the restaurant where we’re going have lunch. And have been spending some time in the bar.


Woke this morning after a good sleep, which I think was aided by the alcohol that drank yesterday. The morning was nice and slow, and I did end up falling back to sleep for a while. Not much happened, just getting packed and getting our luggage to be stored for a while, whilst we are at lunch. All the staff have been very good and friendly and both mum and I have enjoyed our time here. We are both looking forward to lunch at The Ivy. We’ve never been there before, it’s quite formal I believe.

Afterwards we are getting our luggage and going back home. It is not far. It will be good to be home and get back into the normal swing of things. I am looking forward to seeing my cat. But will miss the view from the hotel room each morning.

For the rest of the day I think that I am just going to be chilling. More than likely I will fall asleep into a food coma.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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