No writing today

Hey everyone, how are you?

Today I do not have any time to get any writing done. This is because I have a course to go to this afternoon.


This morning I have been at home getting on with some tasks that needed to get done. I was able to sleep last night after an emergency appointment with a doctor yesterday because I had not slept in days. So, this morning I was also dopey which is a side effect of the strong sleeping medication that I was given. So, I spent some time sleeping off the side effects, before being able to get on with any small tasks.

This afternoon I am out at my course. There is also a meeting beforehand that I need to go to. The course session is for a couple of hours. But after the meeting and the session it will be evening before I get home. This means that I do not have time for any writing. This is because I will not have time, and in the evenings I like to relax and just wind down before I go to bed. Also, this afternoon course is going to be quite draining for me, so, if I were to get any writing done, it would not be anything substantial.

This evening, I am just going to relax before I have to go to sleep. I may get in some gaming or some drum practice. But then again I may just read and enjoy the quiet. As this afternoon will be quite loud and it can get to me mentally. It will be good to get some reading in, as it will then feel as though I have got something done today.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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