Short story update

Hey everyone, how are you?

I’ve got an update on my new short story draft. However, it is not a good update.

Short story

I was half way through the short story, when it kind of just fizzled out and ended. I can’t think of a way to complete it and it is frustratingly annoying. So, I am going to take a break from it and maybe go back to it at a later date. What I am going to be doing is mind mapping out some new ideas so I can start a fresh on something new. It’s a pain, I know but sometimes it happens. And I am hoping in time I will be able to finish the short story that I started.

One of the ways that I am going to get myself out of this situation is to read. And hope that by reading more, I will be able to come up with an idea on how to finish the short story. I am still reading “Fahrenheit 451” and am enjoying it. And I have many more fiction and non-fiction books to read, and I hope that it will get the creative juices flowing again. I do enjoy reading, even though I have not done as much as I had hoped over the last month, but that should change soon.

Today is Easter Day and there is not going to be any writing. As it is a day to spend with family and friends. Which is what I am going to be doing. It should be a nice relaxing day.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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