Getting things done

Hey everyone, how are you?

Today, I have been getting things done. As I have many little things that I need to get done.


The main thing that I had to do today was go out and go to a couple of places. This I have done this morning. There were a couple of things that I had to get and prescription to collect. It took slightly longer than I expected, but at least now it is done and I don’t have to go out again today. Now that I am home I can focus on getting on with some writing. That is going to be the primary focus for this afternoon. For the rest of this morning, I was typing blogs.

However, before I can get any writing done, I need to sort out the WiFi. It is being intermittent. I have been tweeting my service provider and now need to chat to someone online to run some diagnostic tests to see what is happening. When that is done I can then focus on the writing. I need the internet for some of the writing being done. Writing wise I am going to be doing the short story, like I mentioned in my previous blog.

One of the other things that I need to do is some reading and some drum practice. I had hoped to get some reading done this morning. However, it took longer getting things when I was out, so, it is going to be something that I do this afternoon. I also need to get some drum practice done, as I did not do any yesterday. And I want to keep up the progress that I have been making.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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