Sooner than expected

Hey everyone, how are you?

I was expecting to take a break until next week. As that is when I was told our WiFi would be fixed.


The internet service provider told me that the internet (WiFi) would be out until the end of next week. But it randomly came back yesterday. So, I am back able to blog after a very short break. I’m glad that I’m able to blog again because it felt odd not doing the second blog of the day. I’m thankful that the WiFi is back though and that I am able to surf the internet more freely and not have to worry about using up all of my phone data.

Yesterday was a very chilled day. I didn’t do much, except rest. I was tired a lot of the day as I was taking extra painkillers because of my knee. It was hard to walk and go up and down the stairs, so, I spent a lot of the time in my room. I did get some reading done though, as well as some drum practice. I did try to do some writing, but my brain was too doped up from the painkillers. I also spent some time with my mum, as she is going away today for a night. It was just a nice chilled day and one that I enjoyed.

Today, I am going to be getting on with some writing. As I have the day mostly to myself and I want to make the most of it. I want to get some more of the short story written. As it is what I had planned to do when I was on the break from blogging, as I had believed that it would have been longer. I also want to look at the novel that I am writing and finally make a decision on whether to start it again or continue with what I have. At the moment I am leaning towards starting it over.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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