Hey everyone, how are you?

My head is still banging, making it impossible to get things done. I have taken my pain relief, but it’s now maxed out.


This constant tension headache is really starting to get to me. And it is starting to effect my mood. In that, I am starting to feel low. I’ve taken my pain medication as prescribed, but it is not getting rid of it. It’s really making me feel low and it is hard to get out of bed. I am not going to be the reinforcement group today for STEPPS. Even though, I was given a strong hint that I should be there; I just can’t face it today. So, have rung up to say that I am not going. I am going to go next week, even though, I may still be in pain.

I have got an appointment for some fascial manipulation on my shoulder, neck and head. The only problem is that it is not until a week on Tuesday. As the person that does it is on holiday next week. It sucks but it is what it is. I am hoping that the medication will allow it to subside a bit and I am doing exercises to loosen the muscles. But I know that it is not going to be enough.

Today I am going to be just resting and there are things that I need to get on with. The only problem is that it means looking at screens for a long time. Which is not going to help my head. But there are things that I need to do as they have a deadline. Otherwise I am going to try and do things that do not aggravate my head. For example, I may read or listen to music quietly. These things will help the time pass until the medication kicks in and they are also things that help me to keep calm when I am feeling down.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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