Very everyone, how are you?

Yesterday I ended up not going to STEPPS. I was in too much pain.


Yesterday I was in and am still in a lot of pain. I ended up calling the place where I do my STEPPS course. I didn’t feel as though I could go to the course and be able to talk and understand what was being said. I spoke to them and they said that the best thing to do was to stay at home and rest. Which is what I did. I am going to make it to the reinforcement group on Friday though. Which is what they also suggested. I am going to be missing the following week as well as that was the only time that I could get my fascial manipulation appointment. Usually that would mean that I am off the course. However, because it is an unforeseen circumstance they should be allowing me to continue. Which is a relief.


Today is going to be similar to yesterday, in that, I am going to be at home resting. The difference is that I am going to be seeing my new doctor for the first time in the afternoon. I am anxious about it, but I am hopeful that it will go well. When I am resting I am mostly either sleeping or just sitting in silence. As most forms of sound is making my head hurt. This includes listening to music. I have been able to listen for short amounts of time along with watching television, but mostly I have been asleep. This is because the painkillers that I am on are strong and they knock me out.

There are some things that I have to do today, such as see the doctor. But also, go it and run some errands. I was meant to do them yesterday, but I also found that my anxiety was stopping me from leaving the house. That something bad would happen if I did. I gave into this irrational fear and I am annoyed about it. But what is done is done. It just means that I have more things to do today. And I know that I will get them done. As I have to go out anyway. Overall, I am hoping for a productive day.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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