Hey everyone, how are you?

This morning is going to be a slow morning, as I am just going to take my time. Rather than rushing to try and get everything done.


Yesterday was a chilled day where I got some things done, but mostly just rested. Which means that I have things that I need and want to get done today. A lot of it will depend on how much I am in pain and how my mood is. It will also depend on how well I sleep as well. If I do not get any sleep then I will spend the morning catching up on sleep. But if I do sleep then I will catch up on stuff. But I know that as I got a lot of rest and sleep yesterday that sleep may not come easily during the night.

This morning I want to get in some drum practice. I wanted to do some yesterday, but my pain soared and it was best not to. But I have been thinking of new beats and fills to try out. So, I want to practice them as soon as I possibly can. I also want to look over some of the STEPPS content. Even though I missed this weeks session, I still want to look over the previous week. This is because if my thinking is correct then this week was a continuation of last week. I’m hoping to get this weeks hand out today.

I also have some things to do down the high street. This is depending on whether I get out to the house in time. If not then I will have to do it after the STEPPS reinforcement session. I need to pick up the remainder of my prescription from the pharmacy, as they did not have all of it in stock when I went the other day. There is also some other bits and pieces that I have to do.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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