Weekend writing

Hey everyone, how are you?

This weekend I am hoping to get on with some writing. As it will decide the fate of the short story.


The weekend is finally here and I have some time to sit and get some writing in. I am hoping that it will be a productive time and that I will be able to get going on the short story. Writing is my main focus for the weekend and even though I have other things to do. I will be making sure that the writing gets done. Today, I am by myself for most of the day so, have no excuse to not get anything done. I think that it will be today that tells me if this short story is getting finished or not. I really hope that I am able to get on with it as I like it as an idea and really want to see it come to fruition.

I have other things that I need and want to get done. Some of it will be done today and some of it will be tomorrow. By today, alongside the writing I want to focus on my course. I had the reinforcement session yesterday that went really well. And I want to build on that by going through the content of the last week and getting on with the homework. I also want get on with some reading as well. I think that it will help with the writing to get reading again. It is also something that bothers me and I want to fix it.

The amount of things that I accomplish this weekend will also be dependant on my pain levels. If I am in too much pain then not as much is going to get done. But if I am able to control it with painkillers then more will get done. With that in mind I am also wanting to get a small amount of a drum practice session in. I know that it is not possible to get a mega session in, but a small one would be nice. It would be nice for things to just feel more normal again.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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