Extending deadline

Hey everyone, how are you?

I’ve decided to extend the deadline that I set for the short story. The reason for this is because of the pain that I have been in.


I’ve been thinking about it and this past week I have not been able to give my all to writing the short story. I had said in a previous blog that if I didn’t get it done this week then I would park the story. However, with the amount of pain that I have been in and the amount of time that I have not been able to write. I thought that it was not fair to then park a story. I only want to do this when I know that I have given my all to something. And as I have an appointment on Tuesday to fix my shoulder and knee, I should be able to write the rest of the week. So, I am going to give it until next weekend and then decide on whether the short story is worth continuing.

I am hoping that the week coming up will be a better week in many ways and that I will be able to write. Today I want to get on with some writing as my head is not aching as much today. I’m hoping that it is either settling down or that the painkillers are actually working. I have also been reading some more, as I could not sleep last night. And I am now almost half way through “Fahrenheit 451.” I also have two new books coming today. Both are books that I have wanted to read for a while. One of which is by one of my favourite authors. And the theory is that reading his book will reignite the passion that I have for reading.

I also want to enjoy the day and get on with some other things. I have the remainder of the course homework to finish. And as my head is not too bad at the moment I want to get in some gaming. I have been missing playing video games. And I have been thinking about the games that I have been playing and how they may continue. Also, I would like to get in some drum practice as it is something else that I have been missing and feel as though I can do it today.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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