Keep on…

Hey everyone, how are you?

For the past twenty four hours I have kept on going lightheaded. And I do not know why.

Light headed

I have no idea why I keep going light headed. It is warm here at the moment in the UK and I am making sure that I drink plenty and so on. My heart rate is good, my pulse is good my o2 SATs are good. I just do not know why I feel the way I feel. It’s a bit like I am going to faint. It’s the same whether I am lying down or standing up. It just feels weird. If it is still happening when I go back to the doctor next week then I will mention it. Maybe he will have some ideas as to what it could be. If I start to feel worse or do faint in that time then I will get an earlier appointment or go to the hospital if it gets really bad.

Today, this morning, I am at home carrying on with what I was doing yesterday. Although, I do not know if my mood will be any better. But at least I can pin point as to why it is low. The reason is not something that I can really blog about as it is personal to me. But there is a direct link between the event and the sudden drop in mood. Yesterday, things did seem to get better for a bit, but it did not last long. As I started to feel low again in the evening. But maybe a good night sleep has helped.

I want to get a couple of things done before I have to go out. I want to read some more and maybe get in some writing. Although it will be tight to get everything beforehand. I don’t want to stress myself out before my appointment with my key worker. As I know that there are going to be some things that I am going to have to discuss that are not going to be the easiest of conversations.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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