Out this afternoon

Hey everyone, how are you?

I’ve had a restful morning, where I just chilled and did what I needed to do. This afternoon I am out for a while for my course.


This morning, I just chilled as I knew that I had to go out this afternoon. I didn’t want to jump in and get going on a project, to then have to stop and go out. Losing all the creative ideas that I may have conjured up in my mind. I did sleep in this morning, which has been beneficial as I was still really tired when I initially woke up. I also watched some television and just generally relaxed before having to get up to go out.

This afternoon, I am out for the reinforcement group for the course that I am doing. I was not able to go to the session on Tuesday as I was having fascial manipulation treatment on my knee. So, this session gives me the chance to catch up with what I missed and ask any questions that I may have. I will also be able to get the handout and do the test that we have to do at the start of each session. We are only a small group and I do not know how many of us there will be. I will be going back home afterwards, instead of going to the art group: as I looked in my diary and found that I have a hair cut booked. It will be good to get this done and see the friend who does it. We will be able to talk and have a good catch up.

It is unlikely that I will be able to get any writing done today. It is the project for the weekend. As today, I will just not have the time. As in the evening I like to chill before going to bed and not getting stressed out about things. As it will stop me from sleeping. However, if I cannot sleep then I will probably get on with some writing. As it will force me to sit at my desk until I am sufficiently tired enough to sleep.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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