Out this afternoon

Hey everyone, how are you?

Again, I am out this afternoon, which means that I am going to be able to write today.


I’m going out again today to the recovery centre that I go to. I have a reinforcement meeting for the course that I am doing. This means that I will not have time this afternoon to get any writing done. I was also unable to do any this morning. As I am in the throws of a depressive downer and have been unable to do anything this morning. It sucks to feel the way that I am feeling and I am annoyed that I am unable to do much. I am hoping that the meeting that I am going to this afternoon will help with how I have been feeling.

The main thing that I have been able to do is what television and sleep. I want to get some reading done as that also helps when I feel like this and I am enjoying the book that I am reading currently. I also have a book coming today, it was a book that was recommended to me by a doctor. I am looking forward to reading it. It is a non-fiction book and I am hopeful that it will have some good advice in it.

I also want to get in some drum practice at some point today. I find that it can help with how I am feeling. As it gives me an outlet for any emotion that is floating around. I also want to get I. The drum practice because I know that I need to get some practice in.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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