One more day

Hey everyone, how are you?

It’s another day and I am hoping that I am feeling better. But the likely hood is that I will still be feeling low and depressed.


Today I am going to be doing the same as yesterday, in that, I am just going to be looking after myself. Yesterday, I ended up sleeping a lot, as I felt physically unwell as well. Hopefully, today, I am going to be feeling physically better and can just focus on the mental health side of things. I want to get in some distraction techniques that will stop the thoughts and feelings that I have. I want to get on with some reading and I did manage to do some yesterday. I did find it helpful for a while. And I enjoyed being able to read.

I don’t know if I am going to get any writing done today. Or whether it will have to wait until during the week. Which will be hard as I will be out a fair bit. I do want to look at the novel, but, it will all depend on how much I can concentrate and focus. I am in no fit state to look at the mental health story at the moment. It would be too triggering. And I do not want to make it any worse.

I think a good thing for me to do today is maybe get in some gaming. Yesterday I spent a lot of time just watching television and that can be bad as my mind wanders into negative thoughts. Gaming is different as it is like reading. In that, I get fully immersed in the game and lose track of time. I have many games that I am yet to complete and it would be a good time to get started on the backlog.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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