Hey everyone, how are you?

It is finally the weekend, after what has been a long week. Where I have been out doing something each day.


Yesterday was not as busy as some of the other days, but I still had to go out. I had the reinforcement session. It was only twenty minutes and there was not much that I had to talk about. This is because I am not struggling with the course. And I had no questions about this weeks content. I did look over it before I went to the session. The handout wasn’t that big, so, it was only a couple of pages to read. I also got some stuff done when I got back from the reinforcement session. Although not straight away. I did try and have a sleep but I could not drift off.

Today, I do not have to go out anywhere. So, I am going to chill for a bit, before getting on with some things that I need to do at home. I want to get on with some writing and reading. Some of it maybe on the mental health story, but I have not complete decided yet. I more want to focus on the novel and I do not think that I am in the right place mentally to work on the mental health story. Even though the week has been better than the previous. My mood is changeable. And I do not want to trigger myself.

I also want to get in some gaming and some drum practice. As I want to chill and I do not know how well I will sleep. Gaming and drumming help me to chill and relax. I meant to do some drumming yesterday but did not get round to it. And I have not got in any gaming for a while. So, I want to get a session in today or tomorrow.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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