Need to write

Hey everyone, how are you?

Today I need to write. Even if it is just a small amount.


I have been finding it hard to write lately. But today, I am going to force myself to write. Even if it is a small amount it will be something. One thing that I need to do is to tidy up my working space. I think it being a mess is one thing that is stopping me from writing. A sort of mental block, I know that actions will speak louder than words. But I know that it is something that is stopping me. So, this afternoon, I will tidy it up and sit and write. If I don’t then I will be disappointed in myself and I don’t want that to happen. As it will effect my mental health and I’m in a good place currently and I don’t want to destroy it.

I also want to get on with some reading. I need to switch off the television and get reading. Get back into the habit. I have a fiction and a non-fiction book started and other to read. I always believe that if you want to be a writer than you have to be a reader. And reading is something that I have loved to do for a number of years now. And it has always been a way of escape and an enjoyable hobby. That is something that I want to get back into.

I also need to get in some more drum practice at some point and do some more of the homework for the course that I am doing. I have been doing the homework each day, as I have to keep a diary of food and sleep, so I need to fill it in each day. The drumming is something that I have done this week. And I want to get another session in over the weekend. Hopefully, it will be today, if not, then it will be tomorrow. As today, writing is the priority.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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