Writing this morning

Hey everyone, how are you?

I want to get in some writing this morning. As I have a piece that I want to catch up with.


The writing that I want to do is about my trip to London at the start of the week. I usually write about trips away and it is something that I want to continue. I have some time this morning. As I have done what I need to do for the course homework. I wrote yesterday in the creative writing group and it helped me get back into writing. So, I want to build on it and write about the trip. I know that it will not be a long piece as it wasn’t a long trip. But I just want something to document it. Also, if I have some time before I go out I may do some other writing as well, although, I do not know what on.

I also want to get on with some reading today. Reading lately has been hard. Partly because of my dyslexia, but also because I have got out of the habit of reading. But what I am going to do is take a book with me wherever I go. And when I have an opportunity, I will read. So, for example, I will read on the bus to the recovery centre and when I am waiting for an appointment. I always turn up early so I will have time to sit and read. I also want to read more at home rather than watching television. That is something that I am going to work on over the weekend.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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