Hey everyone, how are you?

This week I am going to make it to the art group. And I am going to stay for most of the two hours that it runs for.


The main thing that I am doing today, is going to the art group. I am not sure if the reinforcement session for my course is on or not as I did not hear from them yesterday. If it is then I will miss the start of the art group. But it is not essential that you have to be there bang on time. I have my new colouring book that I am going to take with me and start. I love the artist who created the book and the characters that he has come up with. So, I was very happy when he created the book.

In the morning, before I have to go out. I am going to be getting on with some reading and writing. Yesterday, I was asleep for a lot of the day, because of the sleeping tablets that I had to take in the night. So, I was unable to get much done. Although I did get a couple of pages read. I want to get some more reading done and get through the fiction book that I am currently reading. If I am honest, even though it is by one of my favourite authors it is becoming a slog to get through.

I also want to do some writing. I maybe able to get some writing done in the art group as well. It will all depend on time. I will definitely make some time for writing of the novel in the morning though.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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