Hey everyone, how are you?

This morning, I am seeing the doctor. It has been an okay two weeks, so, I’m hoping that it will go well.


I am getting use to my new doctor and we are building up a rapport. It is good because I am able to open up to him more about my past, because I can trust him. The appointment is in the morning, which is not that great as I am rubbish in the mornings. I must not fall back asleep! Because, if I do then I will oversleep and miss the appointment. I have some things that I want to talk about, with regards to my mental health. But I also want to mention my knee. As I am still getting pain. And even though my physiotherapist has not written to him yet, she did say that I can mention it if I wanted to. And I think that it is getting to the point where it will need some investigation.

I have some errands to run afterwards. One of them being that I will have a prescription to get made up. I also have some other things that I need to get, before I can go home. When I get home, I want to continue on from yesterday, where I was writing and reading. I read a lot of “The Stress Solution” and am over half way through it. It is really good and I am taking on bored some of the suggestions that it makes. I would recommend it, it’s a good read. I want to get on with some more writing, so I can build up the restart of the novel. I did some writing yesterday, but I read more than I wrote. So, I need to even it up a bit.

I do want to spend some time relaxing as well. I want to get on with some gaming and just chill a bit. As I will have been busy for a good part of the day. I think that it is important to balance time being busy and time being relaxed. Plus, I get tired easily and sometimes I need to stop what I am doing and have a rest.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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