Nearly home

Hey everyone, how are you?

We are back in the country but not back home just yet. As we have gone in the opposite direction to Oxford.


The journey home was long and short at the same time. In that, the plane journey itself was short, just under the hour. But the time we got to the airport, gave the car back and then got our luggage at the other end; it was long. We spent longer waiting for luggage than we did the entire plane journey. And then rather than go home, we are staying over night up in Oxford. As it was a friends birthday in the week. And her husband had arranged a surprise party for her. It was great to see her and have a celebration as it was a significant birthday.

We got there the party was in full swing and it was great to see a load of friends. Plus their children, who I adore greatly. We had a lot of fun and played games with the children. Though I was mega tired from travelling and really needed my bed. We are staying over night and will head home today.


Today, we are meeting with a couple of friends for breakfast. As they are staying in the same hotel. It will be great to meet up again and chat. Then we are going to travel back home and should be home by the afternoon/evening. It is going to be another long day of travelling but it will be worth it. I am looking forward to being at home and getting back into a routine. It is going to be a busy week.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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