Bored of resting

Hey everyone, how are you?

It’s been a day since I saw the doctor and was told to rest and I am bored already. And the pain is really starting to effect my mental health.


Today, I am at home again and still having to rest my knee. Meaning that I am going to be spending time with it elevated and bored. I did get some reading done yesterday, but most of the day I was either trying to sleep or watching television. Not how I planned on spending the entire day. So, today, I must get on with some writing, otherwise I am just going to get stressed out. And my mental health is already taking a dive and doesn’t need anything else added to it.

My mental health started to go down yesterday, as the pain is getting to me. I am taking the painkillers as prescribed and was told that I would not be pain free whilst I my knee is healing. But I have had to stop taking the anti inflammatory medication as it is having some unexpected aide effects. Hopefully, they will clear up in a couple of days and I will be able to start taking them again without any problems.

I want to get on with some writing today and actually be productive. I need to set myself a deadline and actually stick to it. The problem is that I can always justify moving it. I also want to finish the fiction book that I am reading at the moment. I am half way through and it is not a long book so should be easy to finish.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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