Hard to write

Hey everyone, how are you?

It is so hard to write at the moment as I am in so much pain. Which is also making me depressed.


I have not been writing as much as I had hoped over the last few days. I have planned to do some writing but when it has come to it, I have not been able to. I want to try and break the cycle that I have got myself into through today. As there is no magic wand that is going to do it for me. I know that I am going to still be feeling depressed. But I might as well be doing some useful whilst depressed, rather than doing nothing. So, I am going to make myself write today. Even if it is just a couple of words, it will be more words than I have written in the last few days.

I also need to finish a book that I am reading, as I want to write a review on it. It is something that I am thinking about doing and adding it to this website. Let me know what you think in comments. I also have a non-fiction book that I need to read by the middle of next week. So, I want to get more of that book read as well. The good thing is that I am in all day again today so, I have the time to do this.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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    1. I wonder that as well. But you have to go through physio before you can get referred on to anything else. At least that is the system where I live.


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