Start of a new week

Hey everyone, how are you?

Another new week and one that is going to be busy at points. There are a range of things that I need to do.


Today, I am going to be at the university and I have some exciting things that are going to be started today. I am looking forward to it and getting involved in new projects. I am going to be there for the morning, as there are things that I need to do in the afternoon. It will be good though, although, new projects do make me slightly anxious but I know that I can handle it. I spent the weekend getting on with some of the things that I needed to do for today. I am hoping that I won’t be too tired in the morning. As I am waking up at all times of the night to take my antibiotics.

In the afternoon, I need to try and get a blood test. If I can’t get it done today, then it will have to be done tomorrow. I also need to do some emails and check in with a couple of people. I also want to get on with reading more of “Lost Connections” by Johann Hari. I read some more of it over the weekend and I want to get it finished during the week. As long as I have it finished by my next doctors appointment, I will be happy.

I also want to relax as I am going to be out at some point most days this week. I have to see my key worker and go to physiotherapy towards the end of the week. When I am relaxing I want to play more of the Spider-Man game on the playstation.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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