Need to focus

Hey everyone, how are you?

I have to focus today and get on with the writing that I need to do. I’ve also had two busy days, so, I also need to rest.


Over the last two days I have been busy getting on with errands, appointments and tasks that have need to be done. Today, I am mostly at home and I have things that I need to get done here. I have some writing that I have agreed to do. It is transcribing some interviews. It is something that I use to do at university with the lectures. So, it is something that I am use to. I want to get them started, there are a few interviews so it is not something that I am going to get done in a day. It is going to take me a number of days so if I can get started as soon as possible, the sooner it will be done.

I also have my own writing on the novel that I want to get going on as well. The main thing is that I need to not get distracted and make myself focus on the task at hand. I want to get at least a chapter done and typed. I know that it is not a lot but it will be better than nothing. I also need to get in some reading as well. Today, is my only day this week where I do not have things on. So, I am trying to make the most of it.

On the flip side if this, I also need to rest for a small part of the day. As I am getting up at a range of times in the night to take medication. So, I have been feeling extra tired lately. The thing that I need to stop myself from doing is staying in bed all day. And the way that I am going to stop this is that I need to go out and get the remainder of my medication from the pharmacy. So, that will force me to get up and go out. It’s all about balancing life and it is something that I am trying to get right.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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