Things didn’t go to Plan

Hey everyone, how are you?

Yesterday, I did not go to the art group as I had a panic attack in the morning. And was doped up on medication for the rest of the day.


The panic attack was centred around going out to the art group and leaving the house. I started to feel as though I couldn’t breathe and my heart was pounding in my chest. And I just completely freaked out. I have medication to take in these times and I had to take some. Slowly the world came back to normal as I started to calm down. I was on my own at the time, so, I had to call my mum and tell her. She was amazing and came home to look after me. I also got in touch with my key worker. She said that I had at least tried to get in and not to beat myself up about not making the group, which is something I was doing. I ended up spending the rest of the day asleep or relaxing.

Today, I am not sure what is happening. There is a chance that I have to go out. I got back in contact with an old friend and there is some stuff that we need to talk about. And it was suggested that we meet up today. But at the time of writing this I have not heard whether this is certainly happening or not. In the morning I plan to relax and watch the rugby. I don’t know how well I will sleep because I slept so much in the day. I didn’t sleep well the previous night either, so will have to wait and see.

If I end up not going out then there are things that I need to do. I do need to pick up the remainder of my prescription from the pharmacy. But apart from that I do not need to go out. I have plenty of things that I need to get on with at home with the writings that I am doing. So, I am going to try and focus on that and have a productive afternoon. I will take some time as well to do some self-care. Most likely in the form of playing video games and/or reading. As these are the two things that usually help me the most.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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